diary n thoughts!

things that don't fit elsewhere, honestly.

(any articles that i post on here will be through a link to a google doc, unless i can figure out an easier way to make an article. all links are safe!!)

About Me! - first article!! just some info about me and my interests.

Studying Resources! - some websites/apps that are good for studying. (updated with more!)

Lash Glue Alternatives: How They Measure Up - three alternatives to traditional lashes + lash glue, and what i thought of them.

Internet Privacy - have we lost anonymity on the internet?

All Things Sewing! - a masterdoc of sewing projects.

School Shouldn't be so Stressful: A Rant - a rant (and some encouragement).

Kiss Adhesive Tab Nails Review! (And How-To) - press-on nail review (without glue) and some tips.

"A Fair and Free Internet" - my opinions on what a fair and free internet really looks like.

A Compilation of All the Paper Cranes I Have Ever Made - ...yeah

aesthetics i thoroughly enjoy - m aesthetic

Free Online Reading Resources - sites and apps with audiobooks, e-books, etc. (with Bible resources and different language/international resources as well)

Thoughts on Exams/Finals - just a blurb about final exams and a few tips i like.