art things!

where i'll post my own art and articles on art.

goes from oldest to newest~

September 14, 2021, Komi!

September 22, 2021, lil Miku sketch

September 30, 2021, combining two pieces (links are in this article) b/c im too broke to see in person (but they're such pretty clothes!!)

October 2, 2021, a pumpkin/patchwork dress design i made!

October 6, 2021, sketch of aspens 👁

October 27, 2021, kind of a modernized old-timey sailor design???

November 6, 2021, warm-up sketch of,, giorno in a Christmas sweater

November 12, 2021, pov you looked at koichi

November 28, 2021, kinda sorta volume 7 cover redraw :3

December 6, 2021, mooshroom (that i physically cannot get to upload with a transparent background grr)

January 10, 2022, foxglove botanical drawing!

January 15, 2022, drawing of a violet sabrewing hummingbird bc,, purple

January 21, 2022, based on liana flores's rises the moon

January 30, 2022, 桜 🌸

February 18, 2022, fruit watercolor practice!

February 18, 2022, changes how i draw people on a whim and then cannot for the life of me draw another hand

March 9, 2022, sorry yall i just needed to do a flat colored thing of a random anime girl

April 2, 2022, jolyne jolyne jolyneeeee 🎶


April 17, 2022, practice!

May 8, 2022, a maneki-neko, inspired by olive yong's (of bichi mao) kitty artstyle!!

June 5, 2022, gumi (from the matryoshka vid), an early hbd to her~

June 26, 2022, happy birthday to usagi tsukino/sailor moon! (also, in this drawing i used two brushpacks that i *highly* recommend by attki - here and here!)

July 12, 2022, used attki's hair shine brush (same as the link above), dappled sunlight brush and sakura brush which was so helpful 😭

July 22, 2022, darlin' darlin' 💖 (used attki's hair shine brush once more)

July 30, 2022, i just needed to sketch emu so pls take this

August 7, 2022, i never rly finished this lol but based on the new cards!!

September 1, 2022, did my first design in a while!! i printed out tiny butterfly pictures and glued them on in this :3

October 2, 2022, did a my own lil redraw of yor in her anime profile thingy (?)! my art on the left and the og on the right :D (decided to do some ~different shading~ tho)

October 6, 2022, drew a quick tutorial on how i draw plaid!

My Digital Art Process - my basic art process! (update: this isn't really what i do now, but i still use the same general process and steps!)